Caro Fire Department

The Caro Fire Department was formed by resolution of the City Council in 1884. A group of gentlemen approached the City Council about forming a fire brigade to protect the citizens of the city. The Council thought it was a good idea and the fire department was formed. Since that time the fire department has evolved into the finest fire service delivery organization in the county. We are 25 members strong, and cover 117 square miles in the heart of Tuscola County. We have two class “A” pumper trucks, a 105 aerial platform, 3500 water tanker, fully equipped rescue squad, a grass fire truck, and a utility truck.

We respond on an average to 150 calls per year. Our members are trained to a minimum Firefighter II level with Hazardous Materials Operations level certification. Many of our officers are trained to the Fire Officer Level. Caro has a fully equipped training room and is host to the county fire instructor’s training program. We are blessed to have one of the most active fire service instructor groups in the State of Michigan right here in Tuscola County. In addition the firefighters raised money for and built the only Training Tower in this part of the state. It is located on the west end of the Tuscola County Fairgrounds. We have the only fire prevention trailer in the county and have an intensive fire prevention program. If any group or organization is interested in having a fire prevention program, simply contact the office and we will be glad to set it up.

What we do is summed up in our mission statement:

  • The Mission of the Caro Fire Department is to:
  • 1. Prevent fires in our area through the provision of quality fire prevention and Public Fire Education Programs.
  • 2. Provide quality protection to life and property from fire and other hazards.
  • 3. Provide mutual aid to neighboring communities.


Left to right front row:
Firefighter – Matt Strasz, Firefighter – Andrew Ritter, Command Advisor – David Mattlin, Captain – Kevin Hollosy, Captain – Aaron Hildinger, 2nd Asst. Chief – Andy Hecht, 1st Asst. Chief – Larry Boitel, Fire Chief – Randy Heckroth, Captain – Payton Coon, Captain – James Heckroth, Lieutenant – Louise Hodges, Firefighter – Dillon Hollosy.

Left to right back row:
Firefighter – Kalvin Kielitz, Firefighter – Don Gilberg, Firefighter – Nick Britton, Firefighter – Phil Ericson, Firefighter – Bryan Eschenbacher, Lieutenant – Matt Demarary, Engineer – Fred Galster, Firefighter – Robert Rushlow, Firefighter – Jerry Middaugh, Firefighter – Heath Peters, Firefighter – Wayne Robinson, Firefighter – David Peters.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Randy Heckroth Fire Chief