The Manager is ultimately responsible to the Council for daily operations of all city departments. This includes being knowledgeable in all department operations and aware of various issues that the departments are dealing with at any given time.

Assisting the Clerk/Treasurer in developing annual operational and debt retirement budgets sets priorities for the city organization of where human and capital resources are to be dedicated. Working close with the Clerk/Treasurer the Manager also oversees the impact of daily operations on the total city budget and makes recommendations to the Council when changes in operations or finances should be considered.

Economic Development within the city is a high priority to help retain existing and recruit new job opportunities along with developing a wider community business base.

Keeping the city organization abreast of introduced or enacted changes in federal and state laws helps insures the city is aware of potential changes that will impact city operations.

Manager acts as the city representative to various boards, organizations, and state wide associations along with being the lead contact with other governmental levels.

The Council at any time can direct the Manager to certain tasks from preparing an analytical report on a subject to securing proposals for consultant services.

The city Clerk/Treasurer performs responsible, specialized work in administering elections, maintaining official records, and carrying out other administrative and financial projects. The city Clerk/Treasurer is very involved in the budget and financial decision-making process of the city.

The clerk part of my position is responsible for taking minutes at Council and committee meetings and keeping a permanent record of the proceedings. The clerk issues certified copies of official records, keeps a record of ordinances, resolutions and actions of the Council. The clerk has the power to administer oaths required by State law, city charter or ordinances and is also the custodian of the city seal, as well as many other duties.

The treasurer part of my position has custody of all monies of the city that may be collected by officials or employees of the city, including license fees, taxes, assessments, and utility charges. The treasurer is responsible for the investment of available funds pursuant to the investment policy of the city.

In addition to the above, I directly supervise three support personnel. My Deputy Clerk/Treasurer helps me with any of the duties of Clerk/Treasurer, including payroll for all city employees and accounts payable. We work closely with the other two administrative support staff to do cash receipting, accounts receivable, utility billing, bi-monthly newsletter and many other duties. The staff works very diligently to provide courteous and professional customer service to the public.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Matthew Lane City Manager 989-673-7671
Sara Savage City Clerk / Treasurer 989-673-7671