The City of Caro

Ordinance Enforcement

Jerry Thorp

Jerry Thorp - Enforcement Officer


I am Gerald (Jerry) Thorp and my title/responsibility with the city is that of Ordinance Enforcement Officer (a.k.a. Blight Officer).

I have been a part-time employee of the city since April of ’01.

My general area of responsibility, within the city, involves regular inspection tours for violations of; junk vehicles, (includes unlicensed or inoperable vehicles) dismantled vehicles, animal nuisance, blighted buildings, junk and junk building material, grass and weed control violations, snow and ice removal, RVs and vehicles FOR SALE, storage and parking of RVs and garage sale/yard sale ordinances.

I am available, at my desk in the city hall, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings form 9 AM ‘til 12 noon, to respond to your questions or concerns.