Caro City residents will receive only one summer tax bill. The City of Caro residents will be billed for taxes only from the City Clerk; however the single summer bill will cover the county operating tax, state education tax AND the city operating tax. The City of Caro millage did not increase and has not for over 20 years. The millage levied for the City of Caro is 16.1643. You will not receive a separate tax bill from the County.

The City of Caro collects the revenue for the County allocated and State Education tax in the summer and returns the funds to the proper entities. Although your tax bill appears to be higher, it contains the combined amounts all on one tax bill and as a tax payer, you pay in one location. The first year is confusing, but hopefully you will find this procedure much more convenient.

The City of Caro will also collect the winter tax collection which will be the voted County special millages. Once again, the City collects the taxes and returns the money to the County.